Nsi Obotetukudo

Nsi (Pronounced in-see) is a serial entrepreneur, creative operator, and people gatherer. Formally trained as a mechanical and electrical engineer his experience spans over 10 years and half a dozen industries. Most recently, Nsi co-founded Alley, a creative real estate and workspace company based in NYC with 1000s of clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to transformative startups and entrepreneurs. Nsi is also an avid consultant, advisor, and mentor to various early stage startups in NYC, small businesses, and creative entrepreneurs. Nsi also serves on the board of directors for Minds Matter in NYC and on the advisory board for All Star Code. Both are non-profits that focus on equipping gifted underserved youth with tools and access to achieve success academically, career wise, and then some.

Social Profiles:


Topic Of The Week:

Getting recruited and working for a startup after college

Five Fast Facts:

  • Went to Case Western University
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineer by Trade
  • Mobile Discovery Idea was first startup
  • Founded an Incubator – Alley NYC
  • Master team builder

Lightening Round Questions & Answers

Should students begin their career in a startup or corporate route? 


What’s a company you admire?


What’s technology exist in the future or now that you are very passionate about?


True Or False: Sikorsky is owned by Lockheed Martin?

The Right Answer: True

Fill In The Blank: You are eligible to get your USPA “A” skydiving license after how many jumps?

The Right Answer: 25

Surprise Guest Question: The pump with a low initial cost and low maintenance cost is_____?

The Right Answer: Centrifugal Pump


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

[2:45] – At an early age he started off with the idea of becoming an engineer.

[3:05] – Started running small businesses at a young age with different ventures, with mobile discovery being the first startup.

[4:15] – Area of expertise is building teams and creating the environment for these teams to be successful

[6:27] – The most challenging moment for Nsi was when a business deal falling apart after letting his guard down and finding out some members of his team were complicit in it. Made him stronger and better able to address his blind spots.

[8:00] – Understanding technology is like having a superpower

[9:25] – Being cognizant of the positive impact that many marginalized groups have had on this country. Conscious and Unconscious bias permeates all parts of society and technology.

[12:00] When it comes to mentorship, you should be reach above your weight.

[15:10] Really important to know yourself so you can be can contribute appropriately to your team.

[23:00] The Lightening Round:

Nsi’s Prizes:

DMIT Mug (For Guest Only)
Exclusively Signed Poster For Being a Pre-Launch Guest

Parting Piece of Guidance:

Continuous learning is the best way to make changes in your career and your professional life.