Martha Lynn Laskie

This one-woman powerhouse behind Martha Lynn Laskie Graphic Design & Illustration, located in Yonkers, NY. Martha Lynn Laskie offers expertise in many creative and professional multidisciplinary business services.

Voted the ‘Best Design Consultant in Yonkers, for 2017, Martha Lynn gives clients what they need – a package deal encompassing everything from logo design to business consulting and everything in between. Martha’s modern, clean approach to design has been widely praised by her clients and her work has been featured in multiple publications, both online and in print. Able to work effectively under tight deadlines, she possesses excellent leadership skills, production and pre press knowledge, as well as marketing and sales abilities.

Martha’s expertise is in logo design and business development, with particular attention to branding. She has helped hundreds of small to medium sized businesses thrive and flourish because of her award winning work. Constantly sought after by the top companies in the business, she has also worked on huge corporate projects.

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Topic Of The Week:

How To Find The Right Designer

Five Fast Facts:

  • Grew Up In Upstate NY
  • Become a freelancer in 2018
  • Initially failed art school or reapplied and succeeded
  • Voted the best design consultant in Yonkers, NY
  • Focuses on Small business branding

Lightening Round Questions & Answers

Should students begin their career in a startup or corporate route? 

Either option:

What’s a company you admire?

Pentagram Studios

What’s technology exist in the future or now that you are very passionate about?

Adobe XD

True Or False: The term graphic design was first coined by William Addison Dwiggins in 1922?

The Right Answer: True

Fill In The Blank: Heveltica Font was introduced to the world in what century?

The Right Answer: 20th Century

Surprise Guest Question: What is the best and most commonly used font in the world today?

The Right Answer: Helevetica


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

[2:37] Grew up in a small town in Upstate New York, surrounded by a hard work ethic community.

[4:15] Become a freelancer in 2018. Coming up on her 10th anniversary.

[6:00] Open Sourcing mental illness has been extremely rewarding and satisfying.

[5:50] Area of expertise is developing small business and how to design your entire brand.

[7:52] Don’t fall into the cheap trap of getting a low made quality logo.

[9:10] Logo doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars.

[10:45] It’s a journey and a process, that you need to grow incrementally.

[11:45] The biggest challenge was flunking out of art school.

[14:45] Started with a classical training and drawing background.

[18:00] Diversity comes from a multiple contribution of different voices that become a symphony of talent of success.

[20:35] You make the strides and do what you can with what you got.

[22:50] Lightening Round.

Martha’s Prizes:

Exclusively Signed Poster For Being a Pre-Launch Guest

Parting Piece of Guidance:

If your in school, start thinking about your brand and what makes your services/product special.